The History of the Estate - A rusthall

The estate was a rusthall in the 17th and 18th century, which meant that it didn’t need to pay regular taxes to the regent, at that time the King of Sweden. Instead, it had to keep a soldier with full fighting gear and a horse in readiness to be sent off to war, when the good king decided so.
In peacetime, the soldier – and the horse – lived and worked in the rusthall.
Even though this system was made redundant more than two hundred years ago, and we have neither a soldier (oh, well, our two sons have actually served their military duty) nor a horse, the estate is still called Bromarf rusthall.


 The 1900’s

Bromarf rusthall came to our family about 90 years ago, when Count J.F. Aminoff acquired it to be an outlying estate to the nearby Rilax Mansion.
We, the Aminoff-Karlsson family, now represent the third and fourth generation in the rusthall.
In grandfather’s and father’s time, apple orchards were the speciality of the estate.
The cows were moved out of the stone shed, and the interior was redesigned for storing of apple crates and provide space for sorting. At best, we had five thousand apple trees, and twenty-five different varieties.
Horses stayed awhile, they were needed to pull the heavy apple carts from the garden at harvest time. But in due time the horses were given up for more modern ’locomotive’.

The 2000’s

The new millennium and the new generation started a new era in the rusthall.  The apple trees had to go, and we’re now giving our best shot into receiving tourists from near and far.

For you, we are proud to be able to present Bromarv area with its beautiful sea inlets and clean waters, old mansions and estates and the clean environment!

Bromarf rusthåll year 1884

This document from 1695 declares
the status of sk. Rusthall.