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Vättlaxvägen 107 B
10570 Bromarv, Raseborg


The Summer Restaurant Rusthallets Stallkrog and Villa Ida
are located in the coastal region of South West Finland,
by a  winding country road, in the midst of a lush, old cultured landscape.

Driving instruction:
road number 52 to Tenhola,
road number 1081 from Tenhola to Bromarf

 - from Helsinki, appr. 120 km to the South-Westerly direction.
- Roughly the same applies if you arrive from Turku,
but then direction is of course South- East.
-Tammisaari is the closest town, about 30 min by car.

Bromarv - on the next panhandle North from Hanko - lies on a sandy ridge formed by the last ice-age, so the road here has many twists and turns, ups and downs. Around the next bend you just might come eye-to-eye with
an elk or a deer family, or there might be a fox sitting in the middle of the road!

If you drive carefully and reserve ample time for your journey, you may experience the charm of undulating old, cultured landscape with breathtaking views. 

There are also bus connections to Bromarv.
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When you have arrived to Bromarv village centre with a shop and a bank, a pub, a church and marina – you’ll have only about 1 km left to our restaurant and rental house.

You are warmly welcomed!